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Who is Reliance sending to your home during the lock-out?

More than 800 trained professionals across Ontario have been locked out by their employer, Reliance Home Comfort. These locked out workers have been faithfully serving you throughout the pandemic without interruption. 

Despite the lockout, some customers are still receiving service calls to their home... Who are these replacement workers? Are they following COVID-19 protocols?

Protect yourself and your family by:

  • Only allowing a qualified professional to service your equipment;
  • Asking to see their photo ID and TSSA gas license before allowing them in your home.

Entering your home to provide high-quality service is a privilege. Don’t let Reliance send technicians with unknown qualifications to your home. Tell Reliance to end the lockout and treat workers with respect.

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Stealing somebody else’s job while they’re on a picket line is not illegal in Ontario.

As a result, Reliance Home Comfort has been scrambling to find anyone they can to cross our picket line to take our service trucks and show up at your home pretending to be regular Reliance staff.

Maybe they have the qualifications to do a good job. Maybe they don’t. But do you really want somebody in your home who was desperate enough to cross a picket line to steal somebody else’s job?

The best resolution is to end the lockout, compensate junior employees fairly, and let us do our job.

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All 800 regular Reliance Home Comfort staff across Ontario were locked out by management on May 13, 2021 at 12:01 a.m.

The impasse is due to Reliance Comfort’s refusal to reduce the gap between compensation of junior and senior employees. With the skyrocketing cost of living in most regions, Unifor Local 1999 members have made it a priority to ensure the younger staff have decent wages and benefits to support their families.

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We’re eager to get back to work—but we need a fair deal from a very profitable employer. You can help end this dispute by calling 1-866-735-4262 and telling Reliance that until the Ontario lock-out is over, you will be taking your business elsewhere.

You can also contact Sean O’Brien, Reliance Comfort President & CEO, [email protected] and Paul Gyarmati, Reliance Comfort Vice-President Western Canada, [email protected] and demand they end the lockout with fair compensation for junior employees.

Are you a customer?

Reliance has no problem inconveniencing Ontario customers during this dispute. Existing customers can call 1-855-625-4090 to request compensation/restitution from the company for the poor and delayed service provided by the scabs who have taken our jobs.

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Unifor Local 1999 represents HVAC Technicians, HVAC Installers, Water Heater Installers, Plumbers, Electricians, Clerical and Warehouse employees at Reliance Comfort.

These COVID heroes have been serving Ontarians since the beginning of the pandemic without interruption.

Unifor Local 1999 has a long history of serving customers for over 50 years as employees of Union Gas, Union Energy and Reliance Comfort. Our members are proud to be your trusted service providers.

Don’t call Reliance! Across Ontario 800 workers have been locked out of work for trying to negotiate a fair deal for junior workers.
Don’t call Reliance! Across Ontario 800 workers have been locked out of work for trying to negotiate a fair deal for junior workers.